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If you want to reach your target audience, with your direction and script, let me help you get it nailed. 


I can deliver your message, reaching across all demographics.  Whether it's for a hipster at the bar, a business woman on a packed train, a brick layer in his van biting into a burger, the little monsters or your mum putting her feet up with a cuppa, they all require a different tone, so they know I'm talking just to them.  


And if you're producing a commercial, a web video or explainer, e-learning or a narration for your e-book, I can voice that too as well as radio station imaging, TV continuity announcing and scripting.  Or if you're a video game producer and you want to audition me, send me your script and I'll bring your project to life.

Direct me online or I'll connect into your studio via Source Connect. Turning your read around quickly, I'm efficient and intuitive and I also know vocal production too, so pops or breaths can be fixed, enabling a quicker mix, with all your files ready to go.  

Why not send me an example script to receive a free demo to hear how I sound on your project.  Just get in touch via the contact page and we can take it from there.

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