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I also work as a UK Music Dubbing Director for animation, directing voice over talent (adults and kids) to sing in character, delivering these projects for Netflix and Dreamworks :

Directing and Singing 

Super Monsters - 4 seasons - all female singing parts and directing male parts

Dragon Rescue Riders - BVs

Spirit Rangers - 2 seasons - directed all the songs and sang two theme tunes 


Word Party - 3 seasons

Sea of Love - 1 season

Dee & Friends in Oz - 1 season and 1 movie (Feb 2024)

....and more currently in production. 

Dubbing a project involves many responsibilities. The breaking down of the song by character, line by line and determining the flow of the voice actor’s performance as well as the correct edit and cut. Organisational and communication skills are paramount, as well as liaison between actors, engineers and producers.

In one show there can be many episodes with several songs and multiple characters singing solo lines or together.  Dubbing all of this means delivering all the song parts, ready to mix, this involves casting, voice matching the original performance as much as possible to match the animated lip sync and expression, comping the best delivery, tracking, backing vocals, harmonies and arrangement.  Sometimes I will sing and self-direct or direct other voice actors.

Prior to the recording session, I liaise with the producers to fine-tune the tone of the project, familiarise myself with the songs and understand the character personalities.  Once in the studio, I need to develop a good working relationship with the talent to establish trust and help pull a perfect performance from them.


When an actor is being asked to repeat the same line for the twentieth time, they need to trust me. The actor needs to be reassured that the reason we are all on this journey is that I will lead them to that perfect delivery, no matter how many times it’s performed.  It’s a fine line between repeatedly working an actor to the point where the words lose meaning, and getting that exact inflection and perfect delivery that makes the song shine. Actors need to feel safe by being assured we’re all on the same page to ensure the recording goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

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