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Every job is priced differently, so please get in touch with details about your project such as the usage; tv, radio, web, cinema, in-house (non-broadcast) etc.  What style and tone do you want?  Is your script signed off or do you need some help tightening a few screws?  How long does it need to be?  And do you want to receive raw or comped audio files?

For national and regional TV and radio campaigns please get in touch with my agent Nicola Richardson at Qvoice to discuss
your budget, usage, and contract. 

Qvoice +44(0)203 141 3737 / /

As a guideline my studio recording rates are based on the industry standard basic studio fee (BSF).

Voicing : £250 per hour (including script edits)

Singing (jingles) : £250 per hour

Continuity script writing only : £250 per day (around 25 links plus proofing and programme research)

Audio is delivered untreated, edited to match video with any unnecessary noise, breath and mouth click fixes. 

Out of hours charges: outside of Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, including weekends add £20 per hour.  Script printing costs are included.


These are guideline rates and are open to negotiation.  Multiple scripts may be recorded in the same session.  I can deliver your read(s) quickly however, should your session go over the booked hour by up to 15 minutes, I will not charge for this.

All fees including international bookings, are payable via Paypal in advance.

You will receive a 'paid' invoice on receipt of payment.  The transaction currency is GBP.   VAT at the current rate (20%) will be added to all UK invoices.   International bookings may be subject to an additional 6% transaction fee.

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