I am available to record in any London based studio however if you prefer to use my remote service, I have a home studio and a smaller set up I take with me when I'm away.  Either I can record your script and send it over or sessions can be directed via Skype, recording wild or to picture via Source Connect directly to your DAW with a further backup recording at my end should you need it. If you want your script to hit specific points during the session, I can initiate the SeRewire within Logic X in my studio. If you would like me to engineer the session, all files will be delivered dry, fully comped in wav format via a download link.


My studio spec

Recording and monitoring

iMac 27 inch, 24GB Ram
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (internal preamp and compressor)

Rode NT2000 multi pattern studio condenser mic

Shockmount, pop shield and SE reflection filter

Sound proof treated room

DT 770 Pro headphones

Adam Audio monitors



Logic Pro X
Source Connect (dial Stella-Attar-Voices)

Skype video/audio


Travelling ...no need to book into a local studio, I can just dial into your session

Macbook Air
Audio Technica AT2020, shock mount and mic windscreen

Source Connect

GarageBand (Source Connect supported DAW)
Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Skype video/audio


call : +44(0)7974 347716 / email : stellaattar@hotmail.co.uk / www.stellaattarvoices.com

Skype - StellaAttarVoices

Source Connect - Stella-Attar-Voices